Welcome, students! You are an important part of our clean energy future. Click below to learn about saving energy and how you can be an Energy Champion in your own home and school.

Preschool & Elementary School

Test your skills and energy-saving knowledge with our activity sheets. Ask an adult
to help you download and print them.

If you don't have access to a printer, email us at with
your name and shipping address, and we'll mail you the activities for free!

Activity Sheets:

Play The Efficiency Unlocked Game

Visit Pluggy’s friend Keoni and learn how to reduce your energy use and save money! See if you can make it through the whole house and find all the areas where energy is being wasted.

Let's Go

Middle School

Learn about the different types of energy and how we use them.

Activity Sheets:

High School

We’re working on finding great stuff to put here. Check back later, or suggest something to us via email:

College Students

Explore a career in energy. See our available internships here.