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E Komo Mai,

On behalf of Hawaii Energy, I welcome you to explore with tools that will empower you with information to take charge of your energy costs.

For some you’ll find out that you are doing great as compared to neighbors and could teach your friends a thing or two about what you have done to manage your energy use. Others will find out that you have an opportunity to stop your hard earned cash from flowing down the energy drain and put money back into your pocket or into things that make you happy.


The first tool gets down and makes this personal with your energy use compared to your closest neighbors.   With three specific pieces of information from your utility bill, you can see where your energy consumption and monthly cost compares to your neighbors.   For now, we just compare you to the “Rate Class” that you are in.  This simply means that residential accounts are compared to residential accounts, small businesses to small business etc.    As we refine the data, we will add filters to show accounts that are more like you such as single-family homes, neighborhoods, plate lunch shops to make this as meaningful and insightful.    


This tool lets you take a fly-over and look at the electrical energy and cost averages by zip codes. It is interesting to get a feel of the differences and similarities of energy use across the islands.   The colors currently show overall energy use by zip code where red indicates the highest energy use areas and green the lowest.  Not too many surprises here.  We will be adding filters of interest to you, such as being able to split up the usage between residential and commercial, showing the usages by square feet and other useful metrics.  

Please explore these initial tools we have developed and join our mailing list, sign up below,  so we can keep you informed about the new features as we add them over the next few months.

We will continue to make this more informative for you and I welcome your direct feedback so I can get you what you need  



Michael Chang
Chief Innovation Architect